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I started my collection back in 1993. My first 2 helmets were the Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. They were of the Sharco model, which eventually were bought out by Riddell. I ended up with about 12 minis before I realized I couldnt find the Sharcos anymore. I had to try to finish my collection with the Riddell replica mini helmets. Needless to say I was dissappointed that I couldn't finish my collection with a complete set of all the current NFL teams in Sharco models.
Well, as of 2002, I now have all 30 NFL teams in the Sharco model along with a few throwback Sharcos to boot! Thanks to the MHC website along with EBAY, I was able to find the teams I needed. My whole collection is about 200+ minis and counting. I focus my collection on NFL only, this way my wife doesnt leave me!

P.S. I am still looking for Sharcos to add and/or even obtain for future trades/sales! Let me know if you have/or need any. I AM ALWAYS LOOKING!!!


To start off with, I LOVE FOOTBALL!! The only regret I have in life is that I never played football, although I actually did "try" to fullfill my dream when I was a junior in my college days, but thats another story.
You can say I am very "verbal" about my views of the game, but I am also very objective. When I was about 10 years old, I started having an interest in the game. All I have to say is that Roger Staubach was a great role model for a 10 year old, so I stuck with the Dallas Cowboys ever since. Besides, they have won alot of football over the years!
I reside close to Philadelphia, PA. and let me say it has to be the worst city to live near in being a Cowboys fan. I hear it all, and I take it all. I admire their hunger for a winning team, but sometimes it gets down and crazy!


Like I stated earlier, I LOVE FOOTBALL! Dallas will always be in my heart, but I also like other teams. I mean lets face it; if you only routed for one team, it would not be as exciting as if you had other teams to look forward too. You can say I like Tampa Bay along with the Ravens. Some teams I like because of their helmet design.
In particular, I like the Titans design. I'll admit at first I didnt like it, but after awhile it started to wear on me. So you see, I keep an open-mind about players and teams. It only makes it that much more fun to enjoy Sundays!