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Dallas Cowboys
Just The Facts.......


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Just The Facts.......

This page covers facts about the Dallas Cowboys. Instead of me explaining here, just scroll down the page and read, but you might want to check back from time to time. Ill be adding and updating as needed......

* Awarded franchise: January 28, 1960

* First draft pick: Bob Lilly, DT, TCU, 1961

* First game: August 24, 1960: 35-28 loss to the
Pittsburgh Steelers

* First win: August 17, 1961: 27-24 win over
the Pittsburgh Steelers

*First winning season: 1966 (10-3-1)

*First Super Bowl: Super Bowl V : lost 16-13 to
Baltimore Colts January 17, 1971

* First Super Bowl win: Super Bowl VI : won 24-3 over the
Miami Dolphins / January 16, 1972

* First to Hall of Fame: Bob Lilly, 1980